Duct Testing: The Clean Simple Truth

What is Duct Testing?
Do I Have to Have my Ducts Tested?
Who Pays for Duct Testing?
How Come Now?


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why duct testing, who pays for duct testing, cheap duct testing, low cost duct testersWhat is Duct Testing?

Duct testing is measuring the amount of airflow and the amount of air loss through you ducting.

Do I Have to Have My Ducts Tested?

Duct testing is a state requirement in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties in weather zones 8 and higher.

Who Pays for Duct Testing?

The owner of the equipment. The contractor is not allowed, except under certain circumstances, to pay for the duct testing directly. This is to remove that incentive to cheat the system by fabricating the results.
How Come Now?

Where your utility money goes

California is having a power shortage. No one wants to what is duct testing and why do i have to have my ducts testedbuild new power plants so the way to stretch the existing power plants is to ensure that HVAC equipment is utilized to its maximum saving potential. For many years we have been sold on the idea that changing out HVAC equipment is the way to higher efficiency and energy savings. It is not and has never been. Study after study shows that an existing system can easily be made more efficient. These also show that a brand new system rarely, less than 10% of time, achieves the level of performance that it is designed to perform. Manufacturers regularly groomed their results on efficiency and installation standard suffered horribly.

The average loss through the ducting in a home varies in the 30%-35% range. That is lost heating and air conditioning and a lower level of comfort and contributes to poor indoor air quality. The chart on the right is where the average home's energy use goes.

Here are some of the study results from around the country

Duct Testing from Pacific Gas and Electric

Here is a .pdf Letter from the Governor of the State of California

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