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burning smell coming from furnace heater repair furnace repair central gas furnace repair. Home Air Conditioning Repair

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Typical problems include: pilot light won't stay lit, venting into the home, cracked firebox, leaking gas, loud booming noise

burning smell coming from furnace heater repair furnace repair central gas furnace repair. Best Air Conditioning Estimate

We repair and install wall heaters and floor heaters. This includes direct vent wall heaters. Most floor and wall heaters are referred to as gravity vent heaters as they have no induced draft van assembly to power the products of combustion outside. This "Gravity Heater" designation also includes a class of furnaces that are located in a basement area where a heat exchanger is not equipped with a blower assembly.

The dual floor wall furnace shown above is no-longer made and is not legal to install. Many times when we service these types of heaters we find that the wall between the two rooms is badly charred.


We install all brands of wall and floor furnaces including Cozy, Empire and Williams. We service all brands of wall furnaces and floor furnaces including the old gravity furnaces found in old basements in Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties.


Cozy wall furnace wall heater installation prices

Bad wall furnace installation repairI pulled this picture off a website from an HVAC contractor serving Los Angeles County. He was bragging about how good he is. Unfortunately this installation never would have passed inspection as it could burn the home down. Carpet is not allowed under the floor furnace. Always get a permit. The job may look good, but it can still be a very hazardous installation.

This picture (below) is a close up example of what can happen when a wall furnace or wall heater is installed over carpet. this got so bad that the homeowner put a piece of sheet metal below the furnace to keep the home from burning down. The sheet metal is warped from heat and the red you are seeing is a reflection of the currently active burners.

Poor wal furnace installation. what is the price to install a wall heater?


Obtaining a permit should be something you are really looking into. If your contractor tells you a permit is not required, they are not telling the truth. If they hesitate to pull a permit on the job, then something is wrong.






wall furnace installation gravity furnace installationThe wall furnace installation the the right was found on the web from a company that thought their work looked like "Magik". They are a licensed contractor in San Bernardino and they obviously do not know how to read installation instructions and certainly did not pull a permit and have this horrible installation inspected. Putting this picture on the web certainly means that this contractor should lose his license for lack of mental competence. The problems are:

A: Venting into asbestos venting. This causes condensation when the furnace fires up and this will drain back down into the furnace destroying the firebox and any electrical controls it comes into contact with.

B: Taping dual vent is never allowed. The inner wall of the venting needs the air movement between the inner layer and the outer layer to prevent overheating and degradation of the metals. This will destroy the vent and eventually lead to carbon monoxide entering the home.

C. The studs to hold up the top plate, double top plate and the roof need to go all way up the wall. This is a latent structural defect and can cause the roof to sag, leak and could result in massive damage to the home.

D. This plate is a firebreak and cannot be installed between the furnace and the first floor. The break between the wall furnace and the first floor (or attic) is a spacer that allows the heat buildup in the wall to escape through the upper walls on 2 story homes or into the attic on single story homes. This is a fire hazard.

E: This transition between the furnace firebox which terminates in an oval vent is installed to close to the furnace. There can be no changes in direction or transitions in the venting for the first 3 feet. This type of set up causes air turbulence and the combustion gases will vent into the home. I am sure that the furnace goes off on high limit control due to venting carbon monoxide into the home.




Don't have some knucklehead put your furnace in and bypass the city, county or state inspection process. Give us a call for a free, no obligation, estimate and find out what it is going to take to install your furnace for the best possible price at the safest and highest set of standards.

burning smell coming from furnace heater repair furnace repair central gas furnace repair. Best Air Conditioning Estimate

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With one simple Tune-Up, you are able to get more comfort, lower your energy cost and actually reduce the risk of future repairs. The number one cause of system failure is dirt! Don't let a dirty un-tuned system cost you money out of your pocket!