The Gas Company Says My Furnace Has a Crack in the Heat Exchanger or Firebox.

This doesn’t mean that you have to change your furnace out or even change the heat exchanger.

The method that the Gas Company uses to test for cracks in the heat exchanger is seriously flawed and shouldn’t be used as the reason to shop for a new furnace.


What is a cracked heat exchanger? What is a cracked firebox. Firebox repair. Heat exchanger repair.

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Gas Company Heat Exchanger Problems

Let Me Explain….and Please. If you are from the Gas Company Please Read this entire page before setting your attorneys on me.

The Gas Company Said the Heat Exchanger or Firebox Has A Crack.

The method the Gas Company uses to inspect for fire box cracks (also known as cracks in the heat exchanger) is seriously flawed. The method they employ is one where they fire up the furnace and watch the flames. When the blower motor turns on if the flames move they write up the correction ticket as a possible crack in the heat exchanger and then suggest that you call a qualified heating or furnace contractor to inspect.cracked heat exchanger fixing. can heat exchangers be fixed. can fireboxes be fixed?


If the flames move there is strong possibility that the firebox is cracked. If the heat exchanger is cracked large enough it will allow the higher pressure air coming from the blower motor to infiltrate the lower pressure area where the burners are and cause the flames to move. This means that you have air movement. It does not mean that you have a crack in your heat exchanger.

Air Movement Means Air Movement, Not a Cracked heat Exchanger

The Gas Company is erring on the side of caution, and they should, when they tell you that there is a possible cracked heat exchanger in your furnace. It is our job to find out if it really is cracked and decide what the proper course for repair is. We have a proof positive way to check and you will be every bit an expert as we are when you see it. It is flawless and in your face as to whether or not the heat exchanger is cracked. Many, many, times the heat exchanger is not cracked.

But, Your Heating Contractor Will Confirm the Crack And Replace the Furnace Anyhow.

Why would a heating contractor confirm a crack in a heat exchanger (firebox) when the Gas Company says there might be a crack if they cannot find a crack? The reason is too many attorneys. If the heating contractor states that they cannot find a crack in the heat exchanger and turns the furnace back on and in 5 years someone becomes injured because of carbon monoxide positioning he is on the hook for many hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. You see, most companies merely observe the firebox with their naked eye to either confirm or deny  a crack in the heat exchanger. They are not employing a proof positive crack testing method that we are, hydro-fluorescing.

My Name is Jim Eichman and I Invented this method

Sure, it isn’t an original idea, I stole it from the space administration, but it is an original application of a tried, tested and true method of finding faults in metal. The best part of this is that you will be the inspecting agency, not us. You get to determine whether or not your heat exchanger is cracked or not, not us. We merely will guide you and show you what to look for and it will be obvious. It is defective or it isn’t….no guess work whatsoever.What is a cracked heat exchanger? What is a cracked firebox. Firebox repair. Heat exchanger repair.

So Give Us A Call and ask for a fluorescent scan of your heat exchanger and Discover For Yourself Whether or Not You Need a Furnace Intervention (that’s a new phrase I am trying to coin….furnace intervention). Why replace your furnace if you don’t have to?


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